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Lake Tekapo

sunny -17 °C

This has to be one of the top spots of the sounth island and one of the most beautiful drives to it.

Mountains, sunny days and a beautiful lake. Magic has their own accommodation here which was toasty warm and cosy! Took a walk around to see the bronze dog statue and the church...one of NZ most photographed landmarks! The pictures I took of this place speak for themselves...stunning!!

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Moraki Boulders & Oamaru

sunny -17 °C

Between Dunedin and Oamaru we stopped at a beach where all of these boulders have been formed by erosion...pretty cool huh. They are fun to play on and make a good photo.

Oamaru was a quirky little town and had loads more to offer than first meets the eye. In parts you felt like you had fallen back into the 1920s. There was some wicked Galleries to visit (one a bit creepy!) and if you wanted you could get dressed up in period costume and get your photo taken! The buildings were impressive in the main street. One dissapointment was the blue eyed penguin colony i hoped to visit...the penguins weren't coming home so i couldn't see them!

Just as well i liked the place since the driver left me stranded for another night!

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overcast -17 °C

Student town with an industrial feel and lots of steep streets..mmmmm what does that remind me of...you guessed it, Leeds. Honestly this place could be either Bristol or Leeds, even Glasgow. Dunedin is the celtic name for Edignburgh. You learn something new everyday. Oh and the dreary overcast weather didn't at all make me feel like I was in the north of England.

On the positive side, all of the magic bus drivers say the best thing about this place is leaving it, I beg to differ. It is not a bad city, lots of independent shops and lots of cool bars and pubs, not to mention loads of quirky cafes to warm yourself in. Ate my first chocolate fish with a hot chocolate in Dunedin. Cadburys make so many different types of chocolate here that we don't get...ever heard of a moro bar....thought not!

Talking of Chocolate, I visited the Cadburys chocolate factory. Got loads of free samples including a couple of moro bars, a Banana Chocolate bar (forgotten the name- we don't get it inthe UK) and the famous chocolate fish (another NZ favourite we don't get, its marshmellow covered in chocolate!) and some crunchies and dairy milk! If that wasn't enough i bought a bag of treat size desert range...banoffe pie, lemon cheesecake and fudge brownie!

Apart from chocolate production, Dunedin wasn't much to write home about...just another city. Next!!!

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Queenstown,Snowboarding @ the Remarkables & Milford Sound


Ok so i suck at snowboarding but it was still a lot of fun. Managed to actually be able to stop (no no by falling on my arse!) and do a turn. Queenstown is a lot of fun, you can do any crazy action activity under the sun here. Call me strange but i don't fancy doing a bungy attached to a chair, the nevis bungy - falling 139metres! into a lake or a canyon swing! Stopped at the first commercial bungy site - AJ Hackett on the way to Queenstown.

Queenstown in the party capital of the south island and my hangover after a night out here proved it!

The weather has been fantastic and the views breathtaking. Have loved seeing the 2 metres long icicles!!

As part of my magic bus pass I could go on a day trip to Milford sound. What an amazing day. Driven from Queenstown we stopped in Te Anua...a small town with the 2nd largest lake in NZ. We made several other photo stops on the way to Milford including mirror lakes. Spectacular views all the way, snow capped mountains for as far as the eye could see. Spotted my first kea, looks like a fat large parrot! When we arrived in Milford we went on a river cruise along the sound. Waterfalls, mountains and clear waters....beautiful.

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One of my favorite places to date. Like everywhere in the south, stunning views and scenery. I could have stared at the lake all day. Took a walk around a part of it (its absolutely huge....we drove for about 30 minutes along it!). Went to Cinema Paridiso famous for it's varied seating including a beetle! Not the bug but an actual car! Maybe a pilots seat would be more your cup of tea, or just a simple sofa!

As we were wandering through the town we stumbled upon a massacre....lots of dead deer, boars,rabbits, goats etc all laying out, gutted in front of a pub with the locals checking out their kill and standing drinking their pints whilst standing on the carcasses! We were informed that this is a weekly event of a contest of how many animals can you kill. This was not the only random actvity of the locals, the other, to stand on your car bonnet whilst chatting to your friends!

On my last morning in Wanaka i decided to do some indoor rock climbing. The centre had walls with automatic belaying systems so off i went attmpting walls with block shape steps, rope walls, one in the dark and a zig zag beginner wall....actually managed to reach the top of that one. There was also a clear perspex wall with the same steps on each side where you could race your friends, a wall where you could time how long it takes you to get to the top and a simple rope ladder climb with a pink elephant at the top.

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